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Pure water is vital for a good health as it performs five important functions in that it acts as a transportant, a lubricant, a solvent, a coolant and as a dispersant. You consist of 60% water, and your brain 80%, and bearing in mind all the life critical functions performed by water the quality of the purifier or filter system, reverse osmosis purified water you choose is essentialIn essence if you don`t use a filter or a reverse osmosis [RO] membrane purifier you are forcing your body to become the filter so you can choose to either use a water filter or to become the filter.

For pure, clean and great tasting drinking water there are a few factors to consider, the chemical quality, the bacteriological quality and whether there any specific health issues you are trying to address by drinking more or higher quality drinking water.

How can we help you to improve the quality of your drinking H2O? If you have any questions or concerns please visit our FACTS and FAQ`s page, our Products Page, our Information and Download Centre or feel free to contact us using the Enquiry Form on the Contacts Page and we will gladly assist you.

If you would like to order bulk quantities of our purifying filters and reverse osmosis purifier membranes from the Water Filter Factory Shop you can go there directly Water Filter Factory or view their activated carbon filters and sediment filters.

There are numerous options available to give you the purest, cleanest and healthiest drinking H2O available so browse through our online purification filter and reverse osmosis purifying membrane catalogue which displays our range of activated carbon filtersspun sediment filters, reusable sediment pleated filtermineralisers, reverse osmosis purification systems, reverse osmosis purifier membranes, ultra-violet sterilising and disinfection options, fridge filters, caravan and camping filtrationmains purifying filter aqua coolersfilter your own point of use filtering and purification systems, bottled purified waters, bottled water coolersfilter housings, whole of house h2o filter systems and tank filtration filters we offer to assist you to improve your general health and wellbeing.

The best and purest water you can drink is Splish reverse osmosis [RO] purified water with an in line mineral cartridge after the membrane.  RO purifys water by stripping it of all harmful chemicals as well as sediment.  This process is not selective so minerals are also removed from the water which is why we recommend adding a post membrane mineralising filter to add back contains traces of inorganic minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sodium. Prolonged consumption of distilled or demineralised water only may lead to a form of mineral deficiency. Water by nature has to balance itself and when minerals are stripped from water, it causes the pH to drop and h2o to become acidic. It then seeks to balance itself [a basic law of nature] and does so by taking on minerals, primarily calcium. If we consume demineraliszed water over a long period of time it will actually pull the balancing minerals from your body.

Recent clinical studies and consensus amongst many health professionals support the view that alkalised water is beneficial to your body. The consumption of alkaline water has been shown to reduce chronic dehydration due to a higher absorption rate, reduce cancer cell growth rate by making your body more alkaline, reduce blood glucose levels, improves the efficiency of bodily functions, reduces the effects of fatigue, high blood pressure, hyper acidity, water retention and kidney stones.

We`re not advocating alkalised ionised water as a miracle cure nor are we saying that it ‘heals’ your body, but helps in aiding your body to repair and heal itself, by maintaining your system at the best suitable ph level to function optimally. In this way, your body needs to focus fewer resources on maintaining this suitable environment itself and more energy and resources are available to repair and maintain itself.

We have in line water filters to alkalise your drinking water and these can be fitted to most reverse osmosis and water filter systems. If adding one to a reverse osmosis system we recommend adding it as the final stage post the membrane and the same applies if adding one to a water filter system. Reverse osmosis water filter systems provide the purest possible water after the RO membrane and to get this to the best possible drinking water we suggest adding an in line granular coconut carbon filter followed by an in line mineralising filter which adds back calcium, magnesium and sodium followed by an in line alkalising water filter. This is the purest and best water you could possibly drink.

We`ve been supplying the purest water and cost effective quality reverse osmosis and water filters to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane from our premises in Maroochydore, Qld, since 1992. Our Queensland based team has over 45 years experience in reverse osmosis water filters and bottled purified water for bottle water coolers as well as mains water coolers.

Go on, give us a go you won`t be disappointed.

According to Australian Standards AS3497 all systems under constant water pressure to be installed with an approved PRV & back flow restrictor by a licensed plumber. We also recommend a leak shut off device is installed.

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